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Can we count on your voice?  The Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW) has as its membership goal to recruit new parishes in each Vicariate to join our sisterhood of women across the archdiocese.  To add to our dynamic membership presentation last year at the Parish Team Workshops we want to offer additional suggestions on strengthening existing clubs as we seek to educate and empower our members.  One strategy we hope to employ this year is establishing an archdiocesan -wide membership committee.

It doesn’t matter whether your current membership totals 10 or 300; every ACCW parish Catholic Women’s Club probably has a membership committee.  You know that the role of such a committee is invaluable to the vitality of your organization.  Duties like keeping up with membership contact information, attendance, dues, and sometimes birthdays strengthen the vibrancy of your club. 

This year ACCW again has a membership chair, and I would like to expand our outreach to include an archdiocese-wide membership committee. To date, there are several ambitious projects recommended that need the voices of women in clubs that currently have large, small, city, suburban, urban and/or Hispanic memberships.


Tentatively, our committee’s goals are to:


Revise our ACCW brochure


Translate it into Spanish


Develop a manual on how to start a parish women’s club


Provide a Power Point insert on line which highlights the structure and activities of ACCW, including our connection to our national and international sisters in Christ.  (Vicariate, deanery or parish clubs could then add their parish pictures, contact information, etc. to personalize a final presentation that tells their parish success story.)


Share membership tips and parish success stories each month on our web site 


IF this sounds like an exciting and ambitious but doable project, then we need YOU on our committee.  If your parish has already submitted your roster sheet and did not give data on your membership chair, go to the ACCW website and submit the revised roster sheet with a check mark next to the membership chair’s name to indicate this person’s willingness to serve on our archdiocese wide committee.  We need many voices; we need your parish’s voice to strengthen ACCW.


Club members are also invited to check out our membership section on the web.  In fulfilling our mission to educate and empower our members, membership tips will be provided monthly.


Questions???  Need more information???  Contact Marcella Herndon:    mherndon@archchicago.org 



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ACCW 2013 BrochureRebecca Zaragoza 2/22/2013547.79 KBDownload
ACCW 2013 Brochure - SpanishRebecca Zaragoza 12/6/2013799.32 KBDownload

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Parish Roster Sheet: Electronic Fill-InRebecca Zaragoza 7/20/201757.00 KBDownload
Parish Roster Sheet: PDF formatRebecca Zaragoza 7/20/201779.70 KBDownload