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Committee Chairpersons:


Domestic Violence:                                      USO:
                                                                     Betty Streb
Girl's Organization Representative:             Senior Citizens:
Dorothy Mae Thomas                                       Barbara Tasker
(773) 928-7543                                               (773) 374-3257
Respect Life:                                                Prison Ministry:
Maria A. Goldstein                                            Marie Copeland                 
marigold1272@yahoo.com                                  mariecopeland1@aol.com
Sharon Welch


Respect Life

PROJECT RACHEL or Proyecto Raquel "You are not Alone"
"A path to healing and reconciliation for those injured by abortion."
Call for a referral to a priest, counselor or support group.
312-337-1962 or 1-888-456.HOPE
The Lord bless you and keep you.
 The Lord let His Face shine upon you,
        and be gracious to you.
   The Lord look upon you, kindly and give you peace.
          Numbers 6:24-26

Illinois Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act 2001

  In Illinois safe places are fire stations,police stations, hospitals
  and emergency centers
  Save Abandoned Babies Foundation 312-440-0229 (9-5 p.m.)
Rest in His Arms is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to providing Christian
  funerals and burials for abandon babies:  http://www.restinhisarms.org


Prison Ministry Programs/Materials

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Aunt Mary's Storybook ProjectRebecca Zaragoza 1/10/2014200.49 KBDownload
Kolbe HouseRebecca Zaragoza 1/10/2014UnknownDownload
PrayerRebecca Zaragoza 1/10/20146.53 KBDownload
Companions Journeying TogetherRebecca Zaragoza 3/28/201632.49 KBDownload
SamplesRebecca Zaragoza 1/10/201492.67 KBDownload


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
USO InvitationRebecca Zaragoza 3/6/2014UnknownDownload
USO ProgramsRebecca Zaragoza 3/6/201415.36 KBDownload
USO Reply FormRebecca Zaragoza 6/5/2017291.23 KBDownload